About Long Life Vegans

Long Life Vegans Facebook Group was established in the summer of 2017. Four friends originating from different parts of the world, sat around a dinner table in Norway committing not only to a vegan lifestyle but promising to heal the Planet by spreading the word of true healthy living.


And, so our early community was born from love and dedication, as we reached out to friends, family, colleagues and so forth.


One friend put everything on hold and travelled to the United States to learn more on the subject, while the other focused on self-healing.

And, the other two who are online professionals focused on creating the LLV community, by regularly posting recipes and information on Facebook, filtering through content for over a year to share with everybody and anybody interested. And now, building the LLV website in order to help others make the transition.


We love the planet, we love the animals, we love the trees and everything belonging to mother nature.. we love you, and want only the best for everybody and everything. We can live in peace and harmony if we can find peace within ourselves.


Thank you for visiting our website.

The LLV Community and website is a non-profit organisation. We thank Cloudnames for sponsoring our website.